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This template is the general infobox template for goods, a general term for equipment not using one of the more specialized equipment templates:

Goods Infobox Parameters
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
name Name or title of the item
image Image or illustration of the item
caption Caption to describe the image
Type Type of the item See listing below for category types for the item
TL Technology Level of the item. This is the TL for general availability Use the numeric values (e.g. 11) not the e-hex value (e.g. B)
cost cost of the item in credit (Cr), Thousands of credits (kCr) or Millions of credit (MCr)
size Size of the item. Size will be liters (l) or dTons
weight Mass of the item Mass will be in grams (g), kilograms (kg) or tons
manufacturer Optional. Corporation who is the manufactures or produces the item
alsosee Optional. An additional important link for this item for additional information
ref Optional. Primary source reference for this item. Use Template:Ludography ref if at all possible.
footnote Optional. An additional short note about the item.
Hidden or unused parameters
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
model Model number or specific detail version
|name    = {Name or title of item}
|image   = 
|caption = 
|Type    = {Type of good, from the category list below, no :Category first}
|TL      = {Technology level of general production }
|size    = {volume in liters or dtons}
|weight  = {weight of item in grams, kilograms, or tons}
|cost    = {cost of item in Credits}
|manufacturer = {optional : Manufacturer name if specific to one company ...may enter Various if not known as well}
|alsosee = 
|ref     = TBD
|footnote= {extra information about the item}
|model   = TBD

The Type listing is to classify each kind of goods. This is set as a general sub-category for goods. The current list of types is:

From the T5: Core rules book Types should be:

A - Protections, Safety (Armor, Clothing, Insulation, etc), Augments.
Category:Fabric, Category:Protective gear, Category:Personal Armor
B - Breathing Gases. Specialized Mixtures.
Category:Breathing apparatus
C - Cables and Surface Gear.
Category:Survival gear,
D - Detectors (Sensors, Sensory aids, Signal amplifiers, etc).
Category: Sensory aid
E - Emitters (of signals capable of being sensed).
Category:Communications gear, Category: Emitter
F - Food. Nutrients
Category: Food and Drink
G - Non-Breathing gases.
<No Category>
K - Containers, Carriers, Cases, Backpacks, Holsters.
Category: Container
L - Liquids. Liquid Manipulating Equipment. Pumps.
<No Category>
M - Construction Materials, Structural Items.
Category:Construction material
N - Information, Software, Data, Apps, Programming. Computers.
Category: Computer, Category:Computer Programs
P - Power. Power Supplies. Power Cells. Energy Sources.
Category:Power supply
Q - Small Craft.
R - Drugs (Rx) and Medical.
Category:Medical, Category:Drugs
S - Structures, Shelters,
Category: Structure
T - Tools. Toolkits. Basic Machines
Category: Tool, Category:Tool kit
U - Unique items
Category:Personal item
V - Vehicles.
Category:Vehicles, Category:Personal mobility
W - Weapons
X - Explosives. Exothermic Chemicals.
Category: Explosive
Y - Robots, Automatons, Strangeforms.
Category: Robots