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Tech Level TL–{{{TL}}}
Mass {{{size}}}
Cost {{{cost}}}
Mode {{{mode}}}
Speed {{{speed}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}}
Crew {{{crew}}}
Passengers {{{pass}}}

The Infobox Vehicle is used to display a box of standard information about vehicles.

 |name    = {common name}
 |image   = [[File: Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif]]
 |caption = {image caption}

|arms    = {Weapons carried}
|cargo   = {Cargo volume of the craft}
|cost     = {cost in credits, usually imperial credit}
|crew    = {number of crew members}
|footnote= {Additional note}
|mode    = {mode of transport, usually one of ground, flight, water, underwater}
|type    = {Value from [[:Category:Vehicle Type]]}
|pass    = {number of carried passengers}
|QSP     = {T5 Core Rules Code, pgs. 314, 349}
|ref     = Optional. Primary source reference for this item. Use Template:Ludography ref if at all possible. 
|size    = {mass in kg or tons}
|speed   = {top speed velocity in kph}
|TL      = [[TL-?]]