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{{{name}}}: {{{industry}}}
{{{name}}} of {{{headquarters}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
People of Note {{{people of note}}}
Defunct {{{defunct}}}
Products {{{products}}}
Area of Operations {{{area of operations}}}

This template is an infobox for Corporations operating in Charted Space.

|industry =[Type of business. e.g. Foodstuffs, Mining, Retail]
|name =[Company name, or rough translation]
|headquarters =[Location of corporate headquarters: e.g. {{World|Abact|Gushemege|Lagan|2831}}]
|founded =[Year of incorporation]
|people of note =[Founders, Owners, Patrons]
|products =[Conmmodities. e.g. Foodstuffs, Industrial Minerals, Clothing]
|area of operations =[The corporation's reach. e.g. Planetary, Sector, Sub-Sector]
|defunct =[Year of insolvency (if any)]