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The Lanthusandr are a minor race. Their homeworld is Wafen (1836 Ahkiweahi’). Though their max tech level is 3, they have spread to about ten systems scattered through Ahkiweahi’ Sector (and possibly one in Hfiywitir Sector) using a system of portals. Who constructed these portals is unknown (as a result, the Ancients are assumed, though almost nil other evidence of any Ancient activity in this backwater region rimward of the Aslan Hierate is known). Some other Lanthusandr worlds include Yoour (1835 Ahkiweahi’), Tooom (1834 Ahkiweahi’), Hopirs (0240 Ahkiweahi’) and Oeceller (1914 Ahkiweahi’).

The Lanthusandr look rather like very tangly plants made of many, many “vines”. They can use these vines to manipulate the environment around them. They are roughly 1 m across. Their heads are flower-like, leading some to suggest they are related to Hivers, though they do not have any real symmetry and the number of vines they can use as tentacles appears to be random.

The Lanthusandr live mostly on vacuum worlds. They live off plants which look quite similar to them and cover large areas of Wafen and Yoour (about three quarters) and smaller fractions of their other worlds. How the Lanthusandr and the plants breathe is not precisely known. The colour of the Lanthusandr and the plants is, like Terran plants, green. The flowerheads are generally yellow, but about fifteen percent of the population has different colours, including red.