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Link (2019)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Does anyone know of any random tables for weird stuff happening in jump? I don't mean misjumps, just strange stuff unlikely to be dangerous. Seeing ghosts, inverted color vision, constant Deja Vu, etc.
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: Random event tables – a week in Jumpspace
  3. EXTERNAL LINK: So in your Traveller universe, do any of you guys have any rules around time in jump space vs off the ship?
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 10:50, 13 January 2019 (EST)

Link (2018)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: I have a few questions about JumpSpace...Can someone venture outside of the ship in a vacsuit during a Jump? If so, what are the limits of the "pocket universe" and what would happen if someone approached and crossed the boundary? How does JumpSpace affect Psionics? Any references or resources?
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: Does anyone know what jump space universe looks like ?
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 06:11, 12 January 2018 (EST)

Links (2016)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: David's Jumpspace Entry

Notes (2017)[edit]

On the Nature of Jumpspace: Jumpspace is an alternate space-time structure underlying the normal space-time continuum. It is a byproduct of the massive rotating black hole known to inhabit the core of our galaxy. Scientific theories have yet to fully explain the phenomenon. Knowledge of what actually exists in jumpspace is lacking, since by its very nature it is unmeasurable by n-space instruments. The prevailing theory is that theoretical particles known as tachyons exist in jumpspace, and normal particles familiar to n-space cannot exist. Like normal space, the speed of light is a limiting factor in Jumpspace. Unlike the maximum that it imposes in n-space, in jumpspace the speed of light is the minimum "at rest" speed a particle can possess. Most particles in jumpspace are at a speed that can only be described as infinite.

There are several dimensions, or quantum levels, of jumpspace. All known dimensions appear to be two-dimensional in structure, roughly corresponding to the n-space galactic plane. Part of our normal space-time continuum (n-space) within about 25 light-years of the galactic plane is somehow connected through the jumpspace-time continuum (j-space). Normal space locations are connected through jumpspace dimensions as if the z-axis of the galaxy didn't exist.

Current data seems to indicate that the topography of jumpspace is non-uniform. The amount of n-space connected through jumpspace perpendicular to the galactic plane is greatest near the core, and attenuates as one moves towards the galactic rim. It has also been shown that gravitational disturbances "warp" jumpspace. This non-uniformity due to gravitational disturbances is the cause of misjumps near gravitational wells. If the gravitational disturbance is large enough, it creates its own localized jumpspace dimensions, effectively cutting off local n-space from the galactic jumpspace plane used for interstellar travel.

Interstellar Travel[edit]

Travel through jumpspace is difficult and dangerous. If an object were to simply enter jumpspace, it would be irrevocably lost, since n-space laws of physics do not apply. There needs to be an n-space "bubble" surrounding the object, as a means of keeping elementary particles grounded in the relative stability of n-space physiscs. An electron in jumpspace is as improbable as a tachyon in normal space. Very few races have independently invented a method of using the jumpspace phenomenon for interstellar travel. In fact, one modern hypothesis now being hotly debated is whether any of the "Major" races have invented the Jump Drive at all! This hypothesis asserts that only the Ancients independently invented the Jump Drive and it was they who "seeded" relics for modern races to discover. Proponents of this theory argue that a scientific Theory of Jumpspace is still in its infancy, and nowhere near the level required to invent a method to traverse jumpspace. Opponents of the Ancient Seeding Hypothesis retort that one doesn't need a Theory of Thermodynamics to boil water--sometimes Humaniti just gets lucky.

In any event, in spite of some Psionicists assertions to the contrary, the Jump Drive is the only known reliable method of interstellar travel.

(Information taken from The Jump Space Institute, - Defunct Link

  1. EXTERNAL INK: External Link

Notes (2016)[edit]

Jump Space

  • Location of FTL star travel
  • Mentioned in Agent