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  • 1031 567-908 E532000-0 Ba Po (Shriekers) {-3} (200-5) [0000] - - 010 0 NaXX G5 V M9 V

Subsector: District 268

Hex  Name	       SAH MSPR  Gs    APres DCl DNum Clim  AU	 TLk TF Ali  SJLm   Star(s)	        
1031 567-908	       532  0-8 0.53   0.57  MIr 4.65 Norm  0.04  Y  ?	 ?    0.14  M8 V M1 D

Notes (2006)[edit]

My notes show the Shriekers homeworld is named Denuli. Do we have a source for this? Tjoneslo 15:29, 23 July 2006 (UTC)

Like I had mentioned earlier; I am separated from all of my reference material for teh next couple of weeks. However, I did find this

Shreikers 567-908/Spinward Marches 1031

Intelligent hexapods about 1 m at the shoulder. They talk at the highend of human hearing, hence their name. Achieved TL3 before a planetarytectonic disaster shook them back down to TL0. See Adventure 11 SafariShip. Sstefan 23Jul06 18:38 GMT

It looks as though the GURPS people renamed this world.

From the integrated timeline:

Mtume Denuli accidentally finds gemstones (later Denuli Crystals) on 567-908. GDW, Adventure 10 - Safari Ship, p. 13.

So I'll fix this without renaming it Tjoneslo 22:21, 23 July 2006 (UTC)