TRAPPIST-1 (star)

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Spectral M8 V
Type Main Sequence
Luminosity 0.00000373 LSol
Absolute magnitude 18.4
Temperature 2550° K
Mass 0.08 MSol
Radius 0.114 RSol

The star TRAPPIST-1 is a solitary star system whose primary star is a pinkish-white main-sequence "red dwarf" of spectral classification M8.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The planetary system of this star includes seven terrestrial worlds, which lie within or close to the habitable zone of the primary. In particular, planets e, f, and g orbit within the habitable zone. Note that observations make it likely that a layer of ice and/or an extended atmosphere are present on TRAPPIST-1f.

TRAPPIST-1 star system:

  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1b MASS:~ 0.85 M ORBIT: ~ 0.011 AU RADIUS: ~ 1.086 R PERIOD: 1.510 days
  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1c MASS:~ 1.38 M ORBIT: ~ 0.015 AU RADIUS: ~ 1.056 R PERIOD: 2.422 days
  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1d MASS:~ 0.41 M ORBIT: ~ 0.021 AU RADIUS: ~ 0.772 R PERIOD: 4.050 days
  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1e MASS:~ 0.62 M ORBIT: ~ 0.028 AU RADIUS: ~ 0.918 R PERIOD: 6.100 days
  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1f MASS:~ 0.68 M ORBIT: ~ 0.037 AU RADIUS: ~ 1.045 R PERIOD: 9.207 days
  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1g MASS:~ 1.34 M ORBIT: ~ 0.045 AU RADIUS: ~ 1.127 R PERIOD: 12.353 days
  • COMPANION: TRAPPIST-1h MASS:< 1.00 M ORBIT: ~ 0.063 AU RADIUS: ~ 0.715 R PERIOD: 18.764 days

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The TRAPPIST-1 star system lies approximately 12.1 pc from Terra, and is located in a Coreward/Corespinward direction from Terra at bearing 069.7o Galactic Longitude and -56.6o South Galactic Latitude.

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