Steven John Satak

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Steven John Satak - former sailor in the United States Navy, born in 1960. Took up general role-playing games in 1979, introduced to Traveller in 1980 while playing at Don Forbis' Dungeon, a North Seattle gaming shop popular during the 1980s.

Steven became further engaged in Traveller after joining the US Navy in 1981. While playing at the Yokosuka Fleet Lounge on Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, he met WT1 David Sering (formerly of Judge's Guild) and became fascinated with the ships and technology of the Traveller universe.

Upon transfer to a shore station in Seattle, Steven began writing short articles, mostly for games such as Champions and the new version of Traveller, MegaTraveller. These articles were published in fanzines, most of which disappeared at the time the internet became established in 1994.

A few examples of his writing from this period remain: The Armor Problem [1] and The Little Book of Roleplaying [2], in addition to the articles written for Greg Giles during the short run of Security Leak Magazine.

Steven later went on to publish his own gaming magazine (The Sorcerer) in the mid-to-late 1990s, and finally began writing fiction and text for Classic Battletech, a game similar to Traveller in that it too features a rich historical background with an emphasis on 'hard science' mixed with elements of space opera. He currently resides in Bremerton, Washington.