Solomani Worlds: Vehicles from the Rim

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Vehicles from the Rim
Solomani Worlds
Author Dale C McCoy Jr
Canonical No
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 31
Publisher Jon Brazer Enterprises
Version New Traveller
Year Published 2020

Are you using the same vehicles when gaming near Terra as you do in the Spinward Marches? Move around on planets and their adjacent orbits in style with this new collection of vehicles! Each vehicle is designed with Imperial and Solomani systems in mind. Make the Solomani Rim feel distinct with all-new transports, racers, yachts, and much more!

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Author: Dale C. McCoy, Jr.
Editors: Richard Moore, Kevin Morris
Cover Art: Luca Oleastri
Artists: Costazzurra, chagpg, DZMITRY, Josh, Luca Oleastri, Octavirate Entertainment, Photosvac, RATOCA, Philip Reed and Christopher Shy, tsuneomp

Table of Contents[edit]

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