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Notes (2018)[edit]

Smallcraft Types by Size[edit]

They are classified as starships are, by tonnage and acceleration, although minor variations can make identification difficult. By tradition, the following generalities are often, but not always accurate:

  • Launches are in the 10 dton range.
  • Gigs are in the 20 dton range.
  • Ship's Boats" are in the 30 dton range.
  • Pinnaces are in the 40-dton range.
  • Cutters are in the 5O-dton rdl'lge.
  • Shuttles may vary from 30 to lOO dtons.

Smallcraft Types by Role[edit]

  • Assault Boat
  • Attack Shuttle
  • Cutter
  • The Fighter is an armed space vessel often carried on larger military craft.
  • Gig
  • Lander
  • The Launch is the smallest of the small craft. They often carried by larger vessels to serve as lifeboats.
  • Lifeboat
  • Lighter
  • The Modular Cutter is designed to carry a 30-ton module. Available modules include an ATV cradle, a fuel skimmer, a passenger/cargo transport module, an Assault Boat module, a pressurised shelter, a weapons module, or even a fighter frame.
  • The Pinnace is a larger, farther-ranging vessel capable of holding passengers and small vehicles. Size is usually around 40 ship tons.
  • The Ship's Boat is designed to perform odd jobs and minor operations for a larger ship.
  • The Shuttle is the largest small craft, and is designed for long-duration interplanetary travel.
  • The Slow Boat is similar to the ship's boat, but is streamlined for atmospheric travel and slower in space.
  • The Slow Pinnace is similar to the pinnace, but slower because more space is allocated for passengers and cargo. Like the slow boat, it is streamlined for atmospheric travel.
  • Tanker