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Type Explosive
Tech Level TL–6
Size 0.1 ml
Weight 0.1 g

Siderote-7 is a paper-like processed fibers of the pods of Sider's Milkweed native to Akira desert of Lilith (The Beyond 0405). The plant is known for its unique method of reproduction. The plant only blooms during infrequent rains during which it blooms, forms seed pods and explodes once the temperature reaches 50°C. Usually this pop is not more than an annoyance, though being too close can cause unpleasant burns.

Siderote-7 are the processed seed pods, often made into a variety of paper products such as writing paper, card, cigarette papers, and the like. The detonation level of Siderote-7 is 110°C. The explosive effect of ignition is on par with most high explosives.

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