Reidian Flyer Blockade Runner

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Reidian Flyer Blockade Runner
Foreven Worlds
Author Dale C McCoy Jr
Publisher Jon Brazer Enterprises
Version Mongoose 2nd
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 6
Year Published 2019
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
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Reidian Flyer Blockade Runner is a Jon Brazer Enterprises ship sourcebook for Mongoose 2nd.

The Reidian Flyer-class Blockade Runner punches through enemy forces and orbital defenses with amazing speed. This starcraft outstrips missiles and quickly flies out of range of anything pursuing it. Now your Travellers can upgrade their game in the Original Traveller Universe beyond the Imperial borders. In the Foreven Worlds, danger lurks behind every asteroid—arm yourself well and live to make a cargo run another day!

This includes a 6-page PDF with full details about the ship and an 18" x 12" poster for you to print and hang on your wall.


Dale C. McCoy Jr.

Table of Contents[edit]

Reidian Flyer Blockade Runner
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