Rar Errall/Wolves Warren

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Julian Protectorate[edit]

Present in: Amdukan, Arzul, Empty Quarter, Mendan, Stars End, Trenchans

Rar Erral ("The Wolves' Warren") is unusual in the Protectorate, being a one-species state. The entire population of the state is Vargr, with Urzaeng Vargr making up a significant majority. These Vargr are generally refugees or the descendants of refugees from Gashikan and Trenchan; it is suspected, but not proven, that this state is used as a base for raids on planets in the Third Empire of Gashikan.

For many years, treatment of Human citizens of the Protectorate that entered the area was acceptable, if cold; non-Protectorate Humans were summarily expelled. In recent years, even Protectorate citizens have been so expelled; formal protests have been repeatedly filed, and there is movement in the Protectorate legislature to revoke Rar Errall’s membership in the Protectorate. The Asimikigir Confederation and Commonwealth of Mendan representatives have led the countermovement, offering as justification the possibility of influence by example, or "constructive engagement".