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The Protectorate of Leset is a state in the coreward/rimward quadrant of Far Home Sector, claiming sovereignty over 9 star systems and effectively controlling an autonomous region to rimward known as the Client States.

  • It is a Mantlerist state, the first to emerge in the Distant Fringe.
  • It is commonly referred to simply as the Protectorate.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Belgardian Sojourn Pre-Imperial Bs No standard code None
Belgardian Sojourn 1st Survey (300) Bs 2-ltr code None
Belgardian Sojourn 2nd Survey (1065) BlSo 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Government: The government of the Protectorate is a monolithic impersonal bureaucracy.

Head of State:[edit]

The Protector. The Protector enacts executive orders and is supported by an extensive personal retinue. He is advised by the Inner Council, a group drawn from the government, the armed forces, experts, commercial interests, and influential organisations. The role of Protector is generally for life: when necessary, a new Protector is chosen from among the members of the Inner Circle. To date, every Protector has been fairly elderly and has only remained in office for a relatively short period.

Seat of Government:[edit]

the Great Hall of Representatives, located on Leset (2511 Far Home). The Great Hall, the proud centerpiece of the city of Verminia, is the former Summer Palace of the Suzerains of the Verminac dynasty.

The Council of Representatives[edit]

Each Representative is chosen by agreed means from the community in which they officially reside. They promote the interests of their region and vote on important government legislation. Each Representative has a private office and a large support staff. They are answerable to the citizens that they represent and promote themselves extensively on public media.

Various Ministries support the Council, each headed by a selected Representative who also serves in the Protector’s Inner Circle. Each Ministry administers its given area of state, and each is subdivided into departments that carry out specific duties. Among the most important are the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Information, the Office of Internal Affairs (the OIA), and the Office of Finance.

The Protectorate taxes its citizens relatively heavily but provides their homeworlds with guarantees of security and a measure of economic stability. It also provides support in keeping with its Mantlerist principles. Most often this is seen in the form of public healthcare and education, pensions for the aged, and large public works such as power grids, local communications, spaceports, or cultural centres.


The Protectorate allows each individual world to maintain their own legal system, providing that they adhere to the laws and principles of the state. Overseers are judges who make rulings on cases that cannot be dealt with at a local level. They are appointed by members of the Inner Circle – the Protector has no say in their selection. Overseers are drawn from the judicial systems of each member world and are supported by the College of Law.

Those found guilty of crimes are generally put to work in OIA labour camps rather than being locked in a prison. Most of these camps are in remote locations and harvest raw materials, though some penal labour is also used to construct public works. Those convicted of local crimes may be handed to the OIA at the discretion of the local judiciary.

Personal Freedom:[edit]

The Office of Internal Affairs is the supreme authority with regard to personal freedom. The Protectorate restricts information, influences the media, and tracks the activities of its citizens. It maintains an extensive paramilitary police force under the auspices of the OIA, tasked with keeping the peace and disrupting the activities of those it deems to be acting against the interests of the state. Heavily armed OIA militias back up local law enforcement.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Protectorate occupies the Ritos cluster, a Jump-1 cluster of stars named for the yellow subgiant primary of the Ritos system (2711 Far Home). Until two centuries ago the cluster was part of an interstellar state called the Empire, ruled in its final days by the autocratic Suzerain Raoul Pedro II from his ancestral capital on Leset. It was a generally corrupt and restrictive oligarchy and was overthrown in a protracted, bloody, and factional civil war.

The systems and the worlds of the Ritos Cluster fragmented into warring petty states, headed by autocrats and tyrants bent on settling old scores and gaining personal glory. The entire region quickly descended into an appalling series of internecene wars, with widespread death and destruction. The Protectorate began as a political and social movement with Mantlerist leanings and adopted a sympathetic stance to those suffering because of the fighting. It quickly gained a military wing and began to carve out enclaves of territory, largely with the support of local populations.

The League of Krayal grew from the Empire’s spinward provinces. The League received extensive assistance from the Firstworlds, ensuring its survival despite internal difficulties and unrest due to Mantlerist activities. It fought an active, vigorous conflict against the Protectorate, sending large numbers of troops to support worlds and enclaves that resisted that state.

Eventually the Protectorate took sole control of the Oromet system (2710 Far Home). With a huge advantage in manpower it could field enormous and well-equipped armies, though the deployment of troops was severely hampered by a lack of space transport. As starships gradually became available - ships were sequestered as necessary – the Protectorate began absorbing neighbouring systems. Though its final victory was all but guaranteed, it came at a high cost – opponents of the regime fought to the last.

Culture and Society[edit]

Tthe Protectorate is a Mantlerist state, and makes much of this fact. It sees itself as the champion of personal freedom, equality, opportunity, and justice.

The main spoken language is Orometi.

The Protectorate was deeply scarred by the collapse of the Empire and the factional fighting that followed. Lack of support from other states, espionage and economic restrictions, and internal dissent have caused a deep-set institutional paranoia. Outsiders see the Protectorate as authoritarian, militaristic and repressive. It is generally perceived to be a somewhat backward, agrarian society.

The Protectorate, however, promotes itself as a center of high culture and the arts. The grand buildings of the state are generally monolithic and blocky and usually adorned with flags, banners, murals, and plain sculptures. It makes much of constructing cultural centers and huge public works, ensuring that such projects are broadly covered on all forms of media.

The Protectorate is much given to displays of military power and martial music. Government officials generally wear a plain jumpsuit, a high-collared robe and a skullcap, though some Representatives choose to wear their home region’s traditional costume. Everyday clothing tends to be plain and loose, with a distinct preference for somber colours.

Social Status
Soc Equivalency
0 Prisoner, outcast
1–9 Citizen
A Hero of the Protectorate
B Officer of the Protectorate
C Commander of the Protectorate
D Representative
E First Representative
F Inner (Member of the Inner Council)
G Protector

Protectorate Military[edit]

The Protectorate People's Forces is the combined armed forces of the Protectorate of Leset.


Leset: TL–12, Port Capacity 700,000 dTons. A major port of the Protectorate. It is the site of a major Military Base.

Fleet Assets:

Troop Strength:

Army 150 Battalions; Marines 15 Battalions
Equipped with:


Oromet: TL–11 Port Capacity: 5,000,000 dTons. A major garrison and the site of a Military Base.

Fleet Assets:

Fifty of these are stationed in each loyal system for security and defense.

Troop Strength:

Army 12,000 Battalions; Marines 510 Battalions
Equipped with:

Native Auxiliary Colonial Forces Urida, Far Home Sector, 2809 B755678-6

Troop Strength:

Army 30 Battalions in three Brigades; Marines 3 Battalions
Urida Wheeled Truck TL–6
Urida Paratrooper Transport
Urida Medium Helicopter
Urida Towed 12cm Howitzer
Urida Tracked Cavalry Scout
Urida Self Propelled Gun
Urida Tracked APC

Sample Colonial Unit:[edit]

Parachute Battalion

This elite airmobile unit has a listed strength of 570 troopers. This consists of 24 officers and 546 NCOs and enlisted men.

The Parachute Battalion is made up of a Headquarters Company and four Parachute Infantry Companies.

  • The Headquarters Company has a total of eight officers and 78 other ranks.
    • The command platoon has two officers and twenty-eight men assigned.
    • The maintenance platoon has a workshop with twenty mechanics of various sorts assigned.
    • The quartermaster platoon has six field kitchens with twelve cooks and ten trucks with ten drivers assigned.
  • The Headquarters Company includes a medical platoon with a battalion aid station, with a staff of four doctors and ten nurses. There are five company clearing stations, with four medics allocated to each company.

Parachute Infantry Company

  • The Infantry Company HQ has an officer and eight men assigned.
    • There are three platoons in each company. The platoon command squad has an officer and five men, with 31 additional troopers. Troopers carry rifles and carbines. Officers and NCOs carry SMGs.
  • Each infantry company has four aircraft with crews: each aircraft carries one platoon.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity can be found in the following areas:

Distant Fringe:

Capital: 1105[edit]

The capital of this polity is:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

Systems and worlds controlled by this polity are:

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