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A Printing press is a machine for producing text or images.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A printing press is a mechanical device used to reproduce text or images.

  • It is in common usage by TL-3.

Image Repository[edit]

An example of an early hand-operated printing press.
Printing Press TL3.png

In its earliest common form, a printing press consists of a block or panel, carved with hollows and raised surfaces and covered in pigment, which is pressed against a flat sheet, typically paper or fabric. As pressure is applied, the pigment transfers from the raised surfaces onto the sheet but remains held within the hollows.

  • The raised surfaces and hollows carved into the block generally form an image or text.
  • More advanced printing presses may have blocks made up of moveable letters, able to be arranged into paragraphs of text.
  • A printing press can produce multiple identical copies.

Early designs of printing press are hand-operated, but as the technology develops they become increasingly sophisticated and automated, able to cut pages to shape and bind them together into a finished book or journal.

  • As electronics and miniaturization develop, the printing press is superseded by on-the-spot printing.
  • Specialist forms of printing press, such as those used to produce very large images or special items such as bank notes, remain in use.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Printing text or images allow multiple copies to be quickly made, allowing information, news, and knowledge to be shared rapidly and widely.

  • The printing press encourages literacy among the population.
  • It is used to disseminate news and information.

Governments or organizations may discourage private ownership of printing presses in an effort to control the flow of news and information.

  • Printing presses may be seized or destroyed by the authorities if they are operated illegally.

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