Portable Cold Capsule

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Portable Cold Capsule
Type Medical
Tech Level TL–11
Cost Cr30,000
Size 20 liters
Weight 9 kg

A Portable Cold Capsule is an inflatable, portable cold-sleep chamber that can be used to put a sophont into cold sleep where no permanent cold-sleep facilities exist.

A Portable Cold Capsule consists of a sarcophagus-shaped plastic cocoon, with airtight fastenings, bloodline, pump, self-guiding, pre-loaded autojector, complete with a mixture of cold sleep drugs, control technology and a power pack, which will keep its inhabitant alive and in cold-sleep for 24 standard months. The portable cold capsule is an emergency device which is technically re-usable but is usually discarded after use. As with a regular cold-sleep chamber, the consumables used in one hibernation and revival cost Cr100.

To use the portable cold capsule, the subject starts the apparatus, climbs into the sarcophagus, sites the bloodline with the autojector and closes the cover over their head. As the subject drifts into cold sleep, the sarcophagus seals and converts from pliant to rigid, cradling the subject in a solid cocoon.

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