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Paatissa is the dominant early aminist religion of Kukhun (Gushemege 3105). The word also refers to the people of that religion, and the body of oral law that defined. The most prominent dieties were Laancia, the goddess of the sun and of creation, and Viinntaala the goddess of Kukhun and the mother of the Kukhunen.

In the Paatissa mythology of the Kukhunen Viinntaala was a goddess who would descend to Kukhun in ursine form. Legend has it that she would wander the woods and tundra wastes to see how the Kukhunen were progressing and to check that they were keeping the Paatissa laws. Faithful Paatissa knew that the bear that stalked their land was Viinntaala and left her alone. But those who had lost their faith feared the bear and would hide their children from it and then attack it. The bear would kill them for their unfaithfulness. But Viinntaala would be sorrowed that they had lost their way and that she had had to kill them and so she would turn her ursine self to stone and return her soul to the heavens. These large lonely rocks which Viinntaala left became sites of worship for the Paatissa, and often villages would be built close by, the rocks serving as a reminder that the Paatissa laws should be kept and that Viinntaala may one day visit and put their faith to the test. Needless to say contemporary geologist claim that the rocks are nothing but simple erratics left behind by the last ice age on Kukhun.

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