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In -685 scientists on Opitan managed to successfully construct a jump drive from recovered Viliani records. Once the first jump capable warship was built the commander of the Opitan military, a young Orpheus Roye, orchestrated a military coup and overthrew the Opitan government. Roye then proceeded to proclaim himself High Warlord of Opitan and constructed several more starships. Using this small fleet High Warlord Roye set out to conquer the nearby worlds of Oloma and Casare. Once these worlds were under his control Roye sent a colony ship to the empty system of Ominon as a forward base of operations.

When the colony was established High Warlord Roye renamed the star Orpheus and the main world Roye in his honour. Expansion of Roye's Reaver kingdom stopped when they reached Zemlya. Although having a lower technology level than the Reaver kingdom Zemlya had a greater population than the combined population of the planets already under Roye's control. Roye began a long term project to increase his kingdoms population and to build more starships to subdue Zemlya.

Exploring beyond Zemlya Roye's scouts discovered Cuslets and Loren. Loren proved to be too hostile for Roye's technology while Cuslets had a small primitive population of humans inhabiting it. Again a colony ship was dispatched to claim the world, however it was never heard from again.

Another colony ship was constructed to be sent to Cuslets but fate intervened when Orpheus Roye died in a hunting accident. The colony ship was never sent as Roye's son, Duroth, declared the mission a waste of resources.

The kingdom survived for three generations until the Great Grandson of Orpheus Roye, Chetnum Roye, lead a revolt against his older brother Dargus. The revolt ended in a series of pitched battles that resulted in the deaths of all the royal family as well as most of their military commanders.

The ensuing chaos meant most of the communities had to fend for themselves as various parties staked a claim to some part of the kingdom. Civil war ensued, with massive destruction across Roye's kingdom, and the major facilities and starship construction yard were damaged beyond repair.

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