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Type Drugs
Tech Level TL–5
Cost Cr5
Size 1 gram
Weight 1 gram
1 pill

Opines are a class of drug used as an analgesic and pre-operative sedative. They bind to certain receptor sites in the human brain working as an analgesic and as a depressant: opines can also induce a sense of euphoria and pleasant physical sensations. These latter effects result in recreational uses of the opine and give rise to colloquial names such as hammer or nod.

All opine is produced by synthesizing analogues of the chemicals found in the Terran opium poppy, (papaver somniferum), a flower native to Terra and used as an analgesic for millennia. Opine can be swallowed, applied topically, or injected. It is sold in vials, capsules and derms, with 1 or 2 units being the usual dose. Opine costs around Cr5 per unit. Opines used by Humaniti include morphine, etorphine, and diacetylmorphine. Opines are extremely addictive. Some individuals suffer an extreme allergic reaction to opines.

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