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A Nest leader is a Hiver that becomes a senior after several decades of service. This Hiver is the individual that makes routine decisions and assignments, and who keeps the nest's records. Leaders have learned how to lead and direct others toward the accomplishment of basic goals and have responsibilities ranging from military leadership to business management.

Within a nest, the leader is usually considered a senior by nest members; outside the nest, the leader may not yet be considered a senior. There are nests (or organizations) that handle virtually every aspect of Hiver life, but government is determined largely by nests that coordinate activities between various other nests, or by the leaders of various nests working in concert.

In a Hiver sept government, decisions and directives by the sept are accorded the force of law by nest leaders. At the call of enough Nest leaders, vigilante committees can be raised. The Hive Federation maintains observers who advise local nest leaders about potential problems and needs.

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