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Color Codes are shipboard codes used to identify the level of risk associated with navigating various space areas.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Maps of the Charted Space usually reference the color codes of the known areas.

  • Crews can thus know what to expect from them.
  • The color code of an area may change over time, including temporarily, although this is unusual.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The crew on duty may/ should:

Color Minimum Reaction Time* Example Action
blue > 1 week deep space, jump space (except close to breakout) hibernate, train, do projects
green > 1 day periphery of a stellar system sleep
white > 2 h in the middle of a journey between 2 close planets have a shower or a lunch
yellow > 10 mn far orbit of a planet with little traffic wander in the corridors, have a drink or a snack
orange > 1 mn close orbit of a planet with high traffic stay on the bridge
red > 10 s takeoff, landing, approaching the docks of a space station be at their stations
black - in the middle of a space battle have their hands on the instruments and be fully concentrated on navigation
  • The Minimum reaction time is the minimum amount of time that the crew may expect to have before an unplanned event requires an intervention and have it not be too late.

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