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Type Communications Gear
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr800
Size 0.1 liters
Weight 0.1 kg

There are several versions of the Multiplexer, depending on the technology level. Initially around TL–8 the multiplexer is wired for multiple inputs and a single output, and a de-multiplexer is required at the other end of the communications link to complete the circuits. At higher technology levels the multiplexer can handle more input devices, becomes wireless, and can provide outputs on various EM channels either singularly or on multiple channels at the same time. In networking parlance the unit is sometimes called a switch as it can switch signals from one source to another, and more advanced units can act as a router and can be wired or wireless or both.

By TL–12 one version of the multiplexer is a small box worn on the belt and coordinates activity between several electronic devices. The operator can then receive or transmit only on the channels desired, and he can turn signals on or off at will.

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