Mowbrey Subsector

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Mowbrey Subsector
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Sector Foreven
Capital Fonda
No. of Stars 16
Majority Control Non-Alligned - 69%
2nd Control Zhodani Client State - 25%
Map Key Map Key

Mowbrey (Foreven G) subsector is seperated by a jump-3 gap known as the Mowbrey Rift. The spinward worlds are politically associated with Anika subsector, and the trailing worlds more with the worlds of Fessor subsector. In the Post-Collapse period Regency money and settlers came to open up new markets, but were hampered by continued Zhodani interference and isolationism. The subsector now possesses three industrial worlds, two of which, Eronirabo and Robebi, have substantial exports to the Regency.

The 1117 Population of Mowbrey was 2.3 billion, and the highest TL was B at Fonda and Ibrolelis. The 1200 population of Mowbrey was 4.4 billion, and the highest TL was D at Fonda.

The subsector is named after Jason Mowbrey, a legendary Free Trader Captain and Independent Explorer. In the year 355 (234 years before the First Frontier War) he was the first one to cross what is known as The Mowbrey Rift. Five years later he disappeared, and there are still numerous tales and rumors about his fate.

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