Mongoose Traveller: Prison Planet

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Prison Planet
TravPrisonPlanet 350.jpg
Adventure 2
Author Gareth Hanrahan
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format Book (Softback) & (PDF)
Language English
Pages 128
Year Published 2009
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG, Mongoose
MGP 3812
ISBN 978-1-906508-21-0

Prison Planet is a Mongoose Publishing adventure for Mongoose Traveller.

At some point in time, every Games Master will need this adventure – after all, it is the lot of players to constantly get into trouble with the law, and one day they will cross the line. . . Featuring an entire planetary prison, Prison Planet will integrate new arrivals into a life behind bars, working dangerous mines, surviving feuding factions and, possibly, allow an escape.

With two different lists of guards and in-mates, Prison Planet can even be used more than once with the same group of players (for those who do not learn the first time around. . .), and promises several sessions of tense, fraught challenges where the players find themselves cut off from the rest of society.


Gareth Hanrahan
Additional Text
Matthew Sprange
Nick Robinson
Will Chapman
Interior Illustrations
Andrew Dobell, Danilo Guida, Carlos Nunez de Castro Torres, German Ponce, Jonathan Roberts, Marco Morte, Alejandro Lizaur, Leonel Domingos da Costa
Special Thanks
Dominic Mooney, Stuart Machin, David Ives, Don Mckinney
Ian Bruntlett, Roger Calver, Andrew Welty, Bo Wajnik, Paul Chapple, Nicola Mayhew, Tony English, Richard Crow & Ken

Table of Contents[edit]

Mongoose Traveller:
Prison Planet
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Incarcerated! 4
The first week 6
The Prison 9
Prisoners Guards and staff 25
Running the Adventure 55
Rumors 67
Incidents 74
Outbreak 74
New Blood 79
Power Play 88
Machines of loving grace 94
Alien Legacy 99
Escape 107
Equipment 111
Keanou 118
Prisoner 128
Index 13


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