Mongoose 2nd: Last Call at Eneri's Cantina

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Last Call at Eneri's Cantina
Author Christopher Griffen
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 42
Year Published 2021
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG

Eneri’s Cantina at Affinity Highport is the quintessential starport bar where adventures begin, patrons are met, rumours are heard and weary Travellers wind down after weeks in jumpspace. It is a place to get a good stiff drink and have the chance to rub elbows with the movers and shakers of the Sylean Main.

The winds of change are blowing in the region, and the high-tech industrial world of Ase is making moves to establish itself as a power broker. Unfortunately for Affinity and worlds like it, they might become casualties of Ase’s master plan, but such is life in the politically charged, high-stakes Core where everything is done on a grand, winner-take-all scale.

The Travellers become embroiled in these events even though all they really want to do is save their favourite bar. They become pawns in a dangerous political game that might forever change not just Affinity, but an entire way of life… and not for the better. If they play their cards right, they might just find the key to saving Eneri’s Cantina and preserving the things they hold dear.

Last Call at Eneri’s Cantina includes:

  • Deck plans, rules and illustrations of Affinity Highport.
  • A new spacecraft, the Rammiakhildru, and a new vehicle, the Seaskimmer.
  • World map and animal encounters for the wild waterworld of Affinity.


Christopher Griffen
Matthew Sprange
Katrina Hepburn
Sergio Villa, Mark Graham, Anderson Maia, Angel Muro, Alvaro Nebot, Brandon Barnes, Douglas Deri, Ian Stead, Katrine Tundland, Xavier Bernard, Maurice Mosqua, Mac Hillier, Alessandro Belgiovine, Amy Wheeler
Charlotte Law

Table of Contents[edit]

New Traveller: Last Call at Eneri's Cantina
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Referee's Information 4
On the Rocks 8
Missing Person 17
Startown Riot 26
The Reluctant Countess 34
Independence Day 40
All Roads Lead to the Capital 42
Closing Time 43
Allies and Opposition 44

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