Minotaur Corporation

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A Minotaur corporation is engaged in a maze-like, often times multinational, network of companies of dubious or illegal ownership.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Most of these companies are circular, meaning that they control or are controlled by, subsidiaries that appear to be completely separate, but eventually re-converge somewhere in the chain of interlocking ownership. Some companies even "zigzag", with the lines of ownership jumping national borders several times. Regency laws outlaw the most obvious kinds of Minotaurs, but the need for export/import trade has limited legislation against the more nimble or creative operators.

Known Offenders[edit]

Notorious offenders included Sternmetal Horizons, SuSAG, Blackhawk Enterprises, SpinDevCorp/Venturprise, and Arkesh/Interglobal.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The imposition of the Quarantine, and Regency crackdowns on corporate behavior winked at during the Imperial period compelled many corps to skirt the law any way they could. Most Minotaurs are controlled by Imperial corporation with a previous history of widespread misbehavior.

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