Meshan Saga 02

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Meshan Saga 02
Meshan Saga02.png
Author Martin Rait
Publisher FSpace Publications
Version Traveller The New Era
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 23
Year Published 1998
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Product code FSPEB063

Meshan Saga 02 was an important multi-issue fanzine that helped to define the coreward areas of Charted Space.


Martin Rait
Aaron Barlow, Philip Warnes

Table of Contents[edit]

Meshan Saga 02
Section Page/s
Serkur by Philip Warnes 6-11
Meshan History by Martin Rait 12-13
Meshan Sector from HIWG files 14-23


Returned to availability by the publisher for free download from a number of online sources in 2022.

Free download from DrivethruRPG [1]

Reviews: Product information and preview page for version 1 January 1998 and version 2 April 1999.

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