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Type Medical
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr500,000
Size 1000 litres
Weight 1200kg

A piece of medical equipment that consists of an enclosed vat, large enough to contain a body, monitoring equipment, environmental control equipment and a computer. The medivat is used to keep sick or injured organisms stabilized, whilst medical and surgical procedures are conducted upon them or recovery or recuperation is undertaken. In use, the medivat is filled with support fluid and the patient, paralyzed by a neural cut-out, floats, whilst being supplied with air, nutrients and whatever else is needed to sustain life. The patient usually wears VR goggles and earpieces during this process, connected to a computer. They can thus communicate with their medical personnel or visitors, watch movies or HTV programs, write letters to friends and otherwise amuse themselves. Standard features include robot arms to perform medical procedures and an instrument kit for the robot arms to use.

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