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Author Christopher Griffen
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback) (PDF)
Language English
Pages 39
Year Published 2018
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
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Makergod is a Mongoose Publishing source book designed for Mongoose 2nd.

The raiders of Oghma mercilessly prey upon the blighted star systems of the Outrim Void. Their endless plundering has reduced their neighbors to pre-starflight technology.

When the travellers get caught up in an Oghman raid, they find themselves going to the raiders' homeworld, a strange and unique place where starfaring tech meets the barbarism of Ghengis Khan.

But something is happening on Oghma. Oghma has deep, dark secrets and the travellers can either help drag this savage world out of the darkness, or be swallowed up by it forever.

Includes a complete adventure, a brand-new starship, the Threshing Oar-class raider (...illustrated by fan-favorite artist Ian Stead, stats, 2D and 3D deck plans), a new grav vehicle (the Doomsayer APC), world maps, character art, and graphics.


Christopher Griffen
Ian Stead, Christopher Griffen

Table of Contents[edit]

Chapter Pages
Introduction 2-6
Raid on Marduk 7-9
Planetfall: Oghma 10-15
On we sweep 16-18
Asphodel 19-23
Library Data, System data, and world map 24-27
Warlords of Oghma 28-29
Threshing Oar class Raider 30-37


Library Data Entries[edit]

  1. Doomsayer class Grav APC
  2. Threshing Oar class Raider
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