Light Patrol Vehicle

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Light Patrol Vehicle
Tech Level TL–9
Mass 8.5 Tons
Cost Cr61,250
Mode Ground (Wheeled)
Type All Terrain Vehicle
Speed 193 kph
Cargo 9m³
Crew 2
Passengers 0
Armament 20mm Autocannon

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The LPV was designed for use by militias and para-military police forces in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations. Its limited range makes it unsuited to long range patrols, and its thin armor and small main weapon make it unsuitable for use against main-force military units, but the LPV serves admirably well against irregular units and those equipped with small arms.

The vehicle is typically equipped with a 20mm autocannon, but for some missions this may be replaced with a 7mm gatling gun or chemical smoke generator (producing anti-riot gasses). The LPV is manufactured by Instellarms, and by dozens of smaller firms under license.

The vehicle has a crew of 2 (driver and commander/gunner) and carries no passengers. It mounts a 20mm high velocity auto cannon in a turret mount. It has TL–9 direct fire control and wheeled suspension.

Height: 1.25m (+ 0.75m for turret for 2m overall). Width: 2 m. Length: 3.6 m. Total Volume: 9m, Weight 8.5 tons, Price Cr61,250

Movement: Road, 193 kph; cross-country. 58 kph; amphibious, 19 kph. Equipment: 100 power radio, map box, and auxiliary water propulsion system. Power: .75 mw MHD turbine power plant consumes 225 liters of fuel per hour; fuel capacity is 900 liters, enough for 4 hours.

Weapons: 1 barrel, 2 cm, high velocity auto cannon. The weapon fires 20 rounds per turn. Rounds weigh .4 kg each. The vehicle has storage space for 350 rounds, enough for 17 turns of fire

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