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Leroy Guatney is a long time Traveller fan, author of several JTAS and Challenge articles, and fan contributor, though he is no longer active in the community.

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  1. Hiver
  2. HIWG
  3. The Federation Development Agency

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History & Background[edit]

He was a member of HIWG, and created setting and story for Traveller throughout and beyond his time in the organization, as the sitting Quadrant 4 (Rim-Trailing) Coordinator and one of the few to work in Quadrant 2 (Core-Trailing) outside of Vargr space. He is no longer involved in any apparent way, though parts of his website survive via Archive.org.

He was a long-time friend of Clayton R. Bush, who passed away in 2007.

A prior revision of this page referred to him in the past tense. This may have been a reference to another LeRoy Guatney, for whom an obituary was published in Kansas. Note the differing capitalization in his first name.

Traveller RPG Wiki Participation[edit]

This person has not participated in the development of the wiki.

  • He has been very permissive with his materials in the past, and often granted permission to other fans to use his materials. Remnants of his work survive on Traveller Map, though over-writing has occurred as the vision of trailing space has changed.

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