Laser Communicator

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Laser Communicator
Type Communications Gear
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr2,500
Size 5 liters
Weight 1.5 kg

A Laser Communicator is an line-of-sight optical communicator using a modulated laser for voice, video, or data communication. Tight beam communicators are much more difficult to intercept or jam but are also somewhat more complex and require that the transmitter know the precise location of the receiver. They are adversely affected by weather, smoke, and anti-laser aerosols.

Portable laser communicators are available. They are usually equipped with tripods, stabilization gear, and tracking system. The communicator as a range of 500km, though this distance is seldom needed on a world’s surface since the distance to the horizon limits the range first, but this range often allows contact with an orbiting ship.

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