Lancian League Resistance Army

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The fighting force of the Anti-Imperium Lancian League. These soldiers repelled the forces of Emperor Artemsus through the Pacification Campaigns until their destruction as a cohesive unit in 112.

Dividing into smaller insurgent cells, the Lancian League Army reformed as the Lancian League Resistance Army. Notable for a series of small raids against military targets of the Imperium, a LLRA cell gained noteriety in an attack on a elementary school on Lishan (Gushemege 0507) in 113. The action killed 235 children and their instructors.

Speculation holds that other cells of the LLRA responded to the massacre on Lishan with the formation of 'Peaceful Coexistence,' a group committed to raising public awareness of Imperial atrocities executed during the Pacification Campaigns.

The Lancian League Resistance Army continued small unit actions against the Imperium until a general amnesty program offered by the Emperor further reduced manpower in 123. Soldiers of the LLRA have dispersed throughout the Gushemege sector and beyond.

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