Interstellar Commercial Vessel

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Interstellar Commercial Vessel (ISCV) is an older set of terminology once used for interstellar vessels of varying types.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This terminology is rarely used anymore. National tail and registration numbers now use different codes and designations.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

These codes were used in the late Sylean Federation and the early Third Imperium until the Pacification Campaigns (76 to 120). After which, they slowly fell out of use, the reasons for which are highly disputed. Several theories point to the rising influence of the Starport Authority within the Third Imperium.

FASA Starship Deck Plan Series[edit]

FASA published a number of starship deck plans:

  1. Adventure Class Ships Volume 1
  2. Adventure Class Ships Volume 2
  3. Adventure Class Ships Volume 3 Merchant Class Ships
  4. Adventure Class Ships Volume 4 Aslan Mercenary Ships
  5. I.S.C.V. Leander
  6. I.S.C.V.: King Richard
  7. I.S.P.M.V Tethys
  8. I.S.P.M.V.: Fenris / S.F.V. Valkyrie
  9. Z.I.S.M.V. Vlezhdatl

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