Hiroe Kayoi

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Hiroe Kayoi was a native of Pretoria. In contrast to Elizabeth Bonesteel, she was a highly active political admiral, and led the oppositon from the frontlines to Arthurian after the debacle in Tienspevnekr sector. She was promptly court-martialed after returning to Mora, and was exiled to Corridor. Christian Olympios made her his point in the sector, coordinating logistics and instructions. She and a select group of special ops troops hijacked the transfer of the Avalon Cache fleet to the recalled admirals, parcelling them out to loyal Corridor forces instead of the handpicked troops assigned by the mummies.

Kayoi was a solid commander honed by the Long Retreat. She did not project fearlessness like Bonesteel, rather her strength was in deed rather than word. When Arthurian's bungling opened up the Outrim to new attack by the resurgent Aslan, she moved the Red Fleet Group to Tobia, rallied the leaderless local naval forces, and slowly crushed the Aslan between the fortress worlds of Neumann and Glisten. For her decisive victory at the former, she was promoted back to full admiral. She ended the Trojan Reach campaign with a decisive victory in the Borderlands, and wheeled coreward to liberate Avalaran space from the Zhodani.

After the declared end of the Crucible War, she was made the senior occupation administrator for Iadr Nsobl Theater, and established the successful occupation strategy still used by the Corps and Navy today. She retired from the Navy in 1259, and is currently the governor of the People's Republic federation.

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