Elizabeth Bonesteel

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Elizabeth Bonesteel was widely regarded as Rhylanor's greatest living naval officer since Olav Plankwell.

Description (Character)[edit]

A dashing and flamboyant bon vivant without much of family background (and an average academic record) she had blazed her way at an unusually young age to the upper echelons of the Regency Navy in a number of successful assignments.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

Her tendency to speak her mind to Arthurian's handpicked "mummies" in the Admiralty got her demoted to a fleet command. The "mummies" attempted a renaissance of oldstyle set piece battles not seen since the early days of the Fifth Frontier War, flying in the face of naval doctrine set down in Norris's day. By contrast Bonesteel was a master of this doctrine, and she was at her best in tactical coordination and strategic planning, and was a master of combined arms and fluid naval campaigns. Fortunately she had been a protege of Christian Olympios, and her former commander got her placed in Corridor instead of sent to the stockade. Recalled by Arthurian, she led the Blue Fleet Group on its dash across Deneb to Pretoria, pivoted to Aramis and Inthe/Regina to smash a large Zhodani fleet group, and commanded the defense of both Rhylanor and the Great Race. She ended up being promoted to four stripes after the recapture of Lunion Subsector, and commanded the fleet that recaptured Foreven and Ziafrplians. Never an adroit politician, she retired as an honorary "skymaster" in 1255. She officially resides on Mora, but remains an active participant upon the National Defense Council.

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