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Type Drugs
Tech Level TL–0
Cost Cr250
Size 10.0 ml
Weight 10.0 grams

Highleaf is a euphoric highly addictive to Humans and Vargr. The dried leaves of !!xug'k or Highleaf, in a 10-gram dose, gives the user powerful sense of euphoria and giddiness for eight to fourteen hours while interfering with the judgment, cognitive abilities, and reaction time. The drug is physically addicting, with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings suddenly emerging days or weeks after the last consumption.

!!xug'k within the Two Thousand Worlds is a luxury trade item, perfectly legal, not particularly expensive (Cr25 to Cr50 per kilogram), and easy to obtain. The leaves when chewed by the K'kree are a mild narcotic with a similar effect as alcohol.

Highleaf is illegal on most worlds in the Third Imperium and Vargr Extents, and usually unobtainable. Human and Vargr smugglers often slip into K'kree space to import the drug.

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