Hazard Suit

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Hazard Suit
Type Protective Gear
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr500
Size 5 liters
Weight 4 kg

A Hazard Suit is designed to provide temporary protection from Insidious Atmospheres or chemicals. A small battery and chemical cartridge combination provides atmosphere filtering and a slight positive pressure within the suit to prevent entry of harmful chemical compounds. The suit was originally rated to provide 24 hours of protection in the filtering mode and six hours in a full recirculation mode, and additional filter packs can be added for additional duration. Provision is made for fluid intake and output without compromising suit integrity.

External straps adjust the fit of the suit for a variety of body sizes and the suit includes elbow, knee, and foot reinforcement to withstand normal use.

While the hazard suit is not officially rated as such, it can function as a short-term vacc suit or underwater life support. However, it will be significantly more encumbersome due to ballooning or bunching and is prone to catastrophic blowouts if punctured in low-pressure conditions.

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