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Equipment category: F - Food. Nutrients[edit]

Every civilization develops increasingly sophisticated methods of growing, cultivating, preparing, and preserving food and beverages. Most species within Charted Space eat largely compatible foodstuffs which include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other micro-nutrients. Cuisines vary with each world: tastes, metabolisms, and preparation techniques abound and depend on a spectrum of differences ranging down to trace nutrient availability.

However, a few species have unconventional or even exotic biochemistries and require food of different varieties, sometimes organic materials with different chirality, chemical composition, pH acidity, or even variations of the basic substances of life.

The items noted as "(nutriment)" are the lightly processed food from the corresponding plant or animal. In other cases, the agricultural derivative of specific plants or animals is given a unique name.


Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr1,200
Size 180.0 liters
Weight 30.0 kg

A bio-engineered artificial organism, the bio-still is a genetically-engineered life-form, which will eat organic garbage and excrete alcohol. The bio-still appears as a roughly egg-shaped body, 900mm high and 600mm wide, with a mouth on top and a pair of stout feet on the bottom. The still has a nipple on its front, from which the alcohol is drawn. The bio-still stands still for most of the day, however it will occasionally shuffle its feet and jiggle around. The still can produce around 40 litres of liquid every 5 days. The process of fermentation takes 5 days, after which time the alcoholic liquid can be drawn off via the nipple. The alcoholic fluid is around 14% ethanol by volume. It is essentially tasteless and needs to be flavoured with wine, beer, cider or mixed-drink flavouring. Bio-stills are illegal on a few worlds and are viewed with suspicion on many others.

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1 Food and Drink items[edit]

Item Type TL Size Weight Cost
Bio-still Food and Drink 9 180.0 liters 30.0 kg Cr1,200