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The Glueberry Tree[1] (Kollomoiron var.) is native to the steppes of Pagliacci (Harlequin Subsector / 3209 Solomani Rim).

This tree can be a major source of nourishment for travellers on the steppes.

They are usually found in groves of several dozen, but can often be found alone or in small groups wherever there is adequate underground water to support them.

Glueberry trees range from two to six meters in height, depending on age, the available ground water, and the number of individual trees in a grove and can be anywhere from two to ten meters in diameter.

The tree is an annual, losing its leaves and entering a dormant stage during the winter. In early spring, its leaves bloom again, and the tree's seed pods form. Throughout the summer, these seed pods grow, until hydrostatic pressure inside them causes them to rupture, scattering the seeds.

Each seed has a slender, sticky tendril attached, and mature trees often have hundreds of these tendrils hanging down. The fleshy, immature seed pods are an excellent food source, and many animals of the steppes feed upon them, in the process becoming covered with the seeds and their sticky tendrils.

Since the adhesive substance wears off in a few hours, the seeds are carried to other places by the browsing herbivores, and the glueberry tree is thus propagated.

The glueberry tree a good source of food, and an excellent indicator of underground water supplies.

The tendrils of the seed pods are easily avoided, but it is difficult for humans to discern the difference between an immature, ready to eat seed pod, and one that is ready to burst if the pod is disturbed. Further, apparently immature seed pods sometimes burst when the fibrous outer covering is cut open.

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