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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Galian, or Gal'an (pronounced Gal tongue click an) is a language that has Solomani origins. The exact lineage has been lost over time in part due to the distance Galian speakers are from Solomani space. It is commonly found in use among worlds in the extreme coreward and tailing portion of the Glimmerdrift Reaches subsector, the coreward portion of the Crucis Margin throughout the Gateway and towards the rimward portion of adjacent trailing edge subsectors.


  • The Galian alphabet contains 81 characters broken down into 5 verbs and 15 consonants used in 76 consonant-verb combinations, and as 5 separate verbs and 15 separate consonants. Not all consonants are associated with all verbs.
    • Each character group is spoken as a syllable.
    • Written, each symbol is placed in a box and arranged on a double column vertical grid.
    • Each box is read as a single group, and is spoken in the same manner.
    • To read the letters, one goes from the top down, across each column of two before proceeding to the next row below, in a zig-zag pattern.
    • There is no upper or lower case.
    • There are a number of punctuation symbols and boxes left blank are read as spaces.
    • Proper nouns like names get a second box grouping them together.



Morphology is the study of the internal structure of words.

  • morpheme, inflection, paradigm, declension, derivation, compound, etc.


Phonology, the study of the sound systems of a language.

  • phoneme, allophone, segment, mora, syllable, foot, stress, tone, etc.


Grammar is the structure of a language.

  • tense, aspect, mood and modality, grammatical number, grammatical gender, case, etc.


Syntax is the study of how words combine to form grammatical sentences.

  • phrase, clause, grammatical function, grammatical voice, etc.


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A lexicon is the word supply of a language.

  • word, lexeme, lemma, lexicon, vocabulary, terminology, etc.


Semantics is the study of the meaning of words (lexical semantics), and how these combine to form the meanings of sentences.

  • meaning, sense, entailment, truth condition, compositionality, etc.


Pragmatics is the study of how language is used by its speakers.

  • presupposition, implicature, deixis

History & Background (Historical Linguistics)[edit]



Language Families of Galian[edit]

All dates are 3rd Imperium baseline

Archaic Gal'an (-400)
Middle Gal'an (210)
Standard Gal'an (720)




Examples: sentences[edit]


Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This language is primarily in use in the following areas: TBD

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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