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Future Promise Enterprises LIC was a small company operating a small number of Timer clubs on the Dagudashaag- Gushemege border. It is now is a wholly owned subsidiary of DagMet AG.


Future Promise Enterprises LIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of DagMet AG operating a small number of Timer clubs on the Dagudashaag- Gushemege border.

Market Ticker Code[edit]

This business entity is traded under the following interstellar market code/s:

Market Ticker Code
Name Code Type Charter Remarks
Future Promise Enterprises FutProEnt 4 to 12 alphanumeric character LIC Cryogenics personal service provider.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

Timer club


Stock ownership (1116):

History and background[edit]

Founded in 794 by a local entrepreneur, Mitta Holt. The company did fairly good business until the early 900s. Changes in local law on some wolds prohibited the practice, describing it as unethical. The loss of business and a number of highly publicized deaths of three 'sleepers' sent the company into terminal decline.

Shortly after this point FPE was bought out by DagMet AG (who were looking to diversify their interests following bad trading figures themselves in the preceding five years). As a consequence of the severe drop in profits DagMet were in need of major restructuring which involved large numbers of layoffs especially amongst their senior management. DagMet could ill-afford to make the large redundancy payouts that was required by them under local and Imperial commercial regulations and thus thought their way around the problem by buying out FPE. DagMet offered a large number of their middle-ranking executives the opportunity of 'sleeping-out' the recession in the FPE facilities, guaranteeing them a resumption of their careers at the end of the period as well as nice bonuses for the time they were in hibernation.

Worlds and sectors[edit]

The company is based in Laraa (Dagudashaag 2534), along with the headquarters of parent DagMet AG.

Rumoured to exist within the depths of the starport base on Tarterus (world) is a Timer club, once operated by a defunct company, Future Promise Enterprises. The facility is known to have been operating in 903, prior to the closure of large sections of the base. Records indicate that the 'inhabitants' were meant to be transferred to the neighboring system of Niirkhi but there is no indication that this was ever carried out.

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