Filter Bottle

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Filter bottle
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr150
Size 3l
Weight 1kg

A water-filtering device designed for survival conditions. The Filter Bottle has an opening on the top, with a lockable cap and a small folding tap on the base. In use, the tainted water is poured into the top of the bottle, it drips down through the osmotic filters and the clean water is drawn off from a tap on the base of the bottle. The device uses an electro-static osmotic membrane; the electrical charge comes from an inbuilt battery, which can be charged with an inbuilt crank or from the solar film which covers the outside of the bottle. The filter bottle is supplied with a small squeeze pump, a waterline and a folding funnel, which are stored in a false bottom, built onto the bottle. In typical conditions, the filter bottle will cleanse 10 liters of water per 24 hour period, after which time, the battery will be dead. 8 hours of direct sunlight or 1 hour of cranking will recharge the battery.

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