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Base Information
Classification Carnivore
Terrain Plains/forest
Locomotion Walker
Size Unknown
Speed Unknown
Strength Unknown
Social Structure Unknown
Weapons Bite & Claws
Armor Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Multi-world Yes
Canon Yes
Reference 101 Cargos

Feakhefourar (Creature) Synopsis[edit]

These vicious and temperamental beasts vaguely resemble the Terran Leopard, although they are generally even more heavily muscled than that beast and have two pairs of long incisors which show even when the jaw is closed.

Generally referred to as "Aslan Fighting Cats", some Feakhefourar have been bought by Imperial nobles.

Feakhefourar (Creature) Physiology & Ecology[edit]


Feakhefourar (Creature) Life Cycle & Reproduction[edit]


Feakhefourar (Creature) Diet & Trophics[edit]


Feakhefourar (Creature) History & Background[edit]

These creatures were originally bred by some Aslan clan chiefs, and at certain points in history were used to settle inter-clan duels (avoiding the need for direct conflict between the Aslan themselves).

Feakhefourar (Creature) TAS Advisory[edit]


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