Extra Eye Microdrone

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Extra Eye microdrone
Tech Level TL–15
Mass 1.62kg
Cost cr19,835
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Survey Vehicle
Speed 0.005G
Cargo 0
Crew 0
Passengers 0
Armament None

The Extra eye microdrone is a small, cheap, disposable sensor drone used for system survey work. The drone is a cylinder 320mm long and 57mm in diameter.

The core of the drone is a broad spectrum EM sensor with coverage from long range radio to the far ultraviolet. A small computer does basic sensor analysis and navigation. There is a small, very low powered thruster for maneuvering.

The primary design (called the S variant) uses a folding solar cell and 1 MWs battery cell to power the drone. The limitations of the solar cell power generation limit its use to the life zone of a system. The S variant has a 0.005G thruster, driving the drone over 1AU in a little over 40 days, and 10 AU in 128 days.

The outer system design (the R variant) uses an 14 watt short duration radiothermal generator for power. A slightly larger 0.022G thruster drives the drone over 1AU (150m km) in a little over 19 days, and 10 AU in 61 days. The R variant costs Cr21,808.

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