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The role of Computer Specialist is a professional vocation.

  • A Computer Specialist may be a member of a ship's crew or work in the wider commercial or military community
  • An individual should be qualified (skilled) to perform the role.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Computer Specialists have several roles that they may be needed to perform:

  • Design/Build/Test of new systems software
  • Support for users of existing software (particularly on installation of new software)
  • Specialist operation of Security Software as part of Information Warfare.

It is in the last of these three cases that the majority of work is undertaken within the Imperium given the highly commoditised and mature software environment of the region.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Whether a Computer Specialist is a Hacker or a Hero is much the same as the discussion around Freedom Fighters and all depends on your viewpoint and whether one is nearby.

It should be noted that use of computer intrusion software is only illegal if it is used to intrude on software you don't own and you are not a acting as part of an agency empowered to intrude within the Local Law. This means that many Ships and Corporations take extreme measures to ensure that critically sensitive data is not reachable by anyone as not all legally empowered groups can be trusted, and not all groups act legally.

Computer Specialists who operate outside the law are also known as Cyber-Jockies

Professional Certification[edit]

An individual's skill as a Computer Specialist is rated by their Certificate:

  • Level 1 (Qualified)
  • Level 2 (Competent)
  • Level 3 (Experienced / Expert)
  • Level 4 or more (Master)

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