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The founder and leader of Colonel Ryan's Rissian Regiment, an elite mercenary unit based in the Rissa system.

Personal Details[edit]

Army of Rissa (Retired)

Name: Ryan, Alexander Sebastian
Final Rank: Colonel
UPP: 79AB86
Age: 38 (5 terms)


ATV-2, Leader-1, Admin-1, Recruiting-1, Electronics-1, ACV-1, Rifle-3, SMG-1, Tactics-1


Cr4,000 per year Retirement Pay, Middle Passage

Personal Funds: Cr25,000

Background / History[edit]

Military Service[edit]

  • Attempted to enlist in Army. Enlistment accepted. Basic training, advanced training. Graduated with honors and transferred to Rissan Reconnaissance Forces.
    • Commissioned during first term of service as Lieutenant. Caught up in large-scale social disorder on Erenim. Recipient of the Rissa Medal for Exemplary Service.
      • Promoted to Captain. Wounded in an action against Mantlerist revolutionaries on Omiote. Recipient of a Purple Heart, a second Medal for Exemplary Service and the Rissa Close Combat Clasp.
  • Voluntarily reenlisted for second term. Ryan spent the majority of his time in administrative work, having been put on light duties following his wound. During this time Ryan built up a broad range of contacts and a comprehensive understanding of logistics and organisation.
  • Voluntarily reenlisted for third term. Ryan transferred to the combat infantry forces, serving as the executive officer of the Rissan 106th Assault Infantry Regiment.
    • Promoted to Major.
  • Voluntarily reenlisted for fourth term. Mentioned in dispatches for conspicuous gallantry in the First Blockade of Umion, commanding a rearguard force during a strategic retreat.
    • Promoted to Lt Colonel.
  • Voluntarily reenlisted for fifth term. Seriously wounded in a large-scale security action on Duseb against Arvanite insurgents. Recipient of a Purple Heart and the Rissa Silver Burst of Courage.
    • Promoted to Colonel.
  • Denied reenlistment after fifth term due to injuries sustained.

Personal Background[edit]

Born in a small settlement on Rissa, he was home schooled with his brother and sister. He left home to join the army. He wanted to retire but his career was cut short. He became a mercenary and eventually raised his own unit, Colonel Ryan's Rissian Regiment.

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