Champion's Guard

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An elite Mercenary force of Sword Worlds Confederation soldiers from Colada (world). They have 50,000 troops available for hire, and deploy smaller units tailored to the needs of their clients. They are equipped at TL–11, and have several formations available to them. Each division is equipped with its own artillery, close air support, maintenance, supply and medical assets. Engineers, and special forces units are attached as needed.

(3) Armored Divisions, each with six armored battalions in two regiments. The pure grav tank troops are supported with grav belt infantry with man portable/disposable TAC AT missiles and self propelled grav mobile heavy artillery. Each battalion has its own support company for logistics, medical and maintenance. The mechanics have their own armored recovery vehicles and portable workshops. The HHC has the specialized weapons sections assigned directly to the unit commander and his operations officers. To save money some long range tank busting is performed by a small squadron of dedicated super sonic VTOL jets. They carry VRF gauss guns, laser guided bombs and stand off TAC missiles with heavy HEAP warheads.
(2) Infantry Divisions these are lift infantry with platoons of excellent, well protected APCs, supported by direct and indirect fire support sleds integrated at the company level. They have specialist formations trained as drop troops and protected forces. They all wear the distinctive Guardian model combat armor. Many feature retractable blades for HTH combat. Most of the enemy casualties result from precision munitions strikes, but they sure look intimidating. They have squad level specialists equipped with a laser carbine over/under with a grenade launcher. Most of the engineering and sapper assets move with the infantry for combat engineering operations and defensive operations. They have military police, intelligence/interrogators, and electronic warfare platoons.
(1) Elite Guards Division, subject to extensive background checks these troops are famed for their loyalty and are expected to be able to recite their family lineage from memory dating back to the founding. These troops provide training cadres for native loyalist or irregular guerrilla formations, they have specially trained security and surveillance details that conduct personal bodyguard, driver, protection for VIP clients and foreign dignitaries. So far they have never lost a customer to enemy action. Their reputation is well known, even beyond the Sword Worlds.
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