Chagas Gem

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Chagas Gem
Type Personal item
Tech Level TL–0
Cost Cr1000
Size 1 gram
Weight 1 gram

To make their way among the human worlds, Crenduthaar have learned that they need a medium of exchange. They have found that medium in Chagas Gems, a crystallized mineral salt from Ghatsokie's sunside Thaarlingst Plateau. Ranging in size from kernels of rice to a human fist, chagas gems are blood-red in color, deeply translucent, and appear to contain a pulsing inner light. Possessing a hardness of 9 (diamonds are 10) they are useful in certain industrial processes, but their greatest value lies in human appreciation of their beauty as gemstones. A small chagas might be worth Cr1,000, while a very large one might bring Cr100,000,000 or more. Crendu will offer such gems for perhaps ten percent of their market value.

The only known source of these valuable objects, at this time, is with the Crenduthaar on Ghatsokie (world).

A few merchants and traders have become wealthy hiring their ships in exchange for "chagas bloods" or star hearts". Anyone who owns a chagas gem is thought to have his soul linked to the destiny of Thaar. Thus, Crendu think it highly appropriate that traders or smugglers hired to run the Vargr blockade, be pair in these stones.

They also tend to be deeply disturbed by characters who take chagas gems for the promised action, then go back on that promise. The Crendu term for such creatures is Gnagash.

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