Bruce III (Prince of Caledon)

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Sovereign Prince: Bruce III
Sovereign Prince of Principality of Caledon
Born 178
Ascended 227
Died 269
Preceeded by Angus II
Succeeded by William I

Bruce MacArthur, Second Baron of Kirclaigan, was the second son of Nigel MacArthur (1st Earl of Loch Beairn) and Antonia MacArthur.

Bruce MacArthur was a genuine war hero. While a 24-year-old Marine Lieutenant, he led a platoon of 22 Marines in a desparate, isolated 42 hour defense of an outpost against a raiding party of 300 Reavers. A fairly obscure Baron before "MacArthur's Stand" - now a legendary event in the Caledonian Marine Corps - he catapulted into prominence. Finishing his term in the Marines, he joined the House of Lords as the leader of an invigorated Reform movement.

As Clan Andrews' claim to the throne dwindled in the mid-220s, most negotiations centered on Bruce and his perceived ability to rejuvenate the throne.

His marriage to Catherine Moore - an obscure baroness from Dunbarton - yielded two sons:

  • William (born 206)
  • Simon (born 211)

Catherine died in 215, and in 220 Bruce remarried Ann Muir, a journalist and author and, by an extreme stretch, a member of the peerage. They had two more sons,

  • Michael born 224
  • Laurence Born 226

During his 14 year reign, Bruce did in fact reinvigorate the monarchy; his legendary heroism and classical Caledonian demeanor was extended by Princess Ann's media savvy; she appeared graceful and modest in public, although history shows she was a fearsome negotiator.

Bruce stepped down in 241, and spent the rest of his working life as a leader emeritus of the Reform coalition.

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